Silent film documenting the people of Stonington Borough, Connecticut in 1930. Those appearing, in order: Allen Harvey, Henry Pendleton, Miss Monjo, Everett Pendleton, Henry Robinson Palmer, Edwin H. James and Son, Fred Fairbrother, Reverend Dwight C. Stone, Oliver Denison, Joseph D. Rose, F.O. Grady, E.A. Perkins, Hyman Wiseman, Charles Burtch, Elwell Thomas, Frank Perry, James Dennehey, E.W. Northup, Lena Chesebrough, John W. Dunham, Elias B. Hinckley, James A. Stivers, Franklin C. Williams, Antonio Piver, Charles Shirley, Raoul Delagrange, Moses Pendleton, James Harvey, Arthur Sheffield, Charles E. Staplin, E.A. Potter, William Rose, Francis Burtch, Jean Perkins, Joseph Squadrito, Henry A. Maller, John Gilmore, Alden Wilson, William Ostman, Philip Riggs, John Bindloss, William Park Bindloss, Mrs. Hannah Wilkins, Edmund P. Hyde, Jerome S. Anderson, Rev. Frederick R. Sanford, E.A. Johnson, Sherman Swallow, Mary Lou Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schepis, Joseph Vargas, Anson Kenyon and Father, Paul Previty, Frank F. Dodge, Barbara Muller, Patterson Family, H.M. Friedman, Captain William Hallett, William Jones, Charles Main, Charles H. Cowan, T.W. Cutler