A Rage for Glory: The life of Commodore Stephen Decatur, USN


Written by James Tertius de Kay

“James de Kay, an acclaimed naval historian, has written a wonderful life history of Stephen Decatur, America’s first great naval hero after John Paul Jones. Readers will find plenty of action, as Decatur and the Navy waged hot and cold wars agains France, Great Britain, and the Barbary pirates between 1798 and 1815. Readers will discover how naval battles were fought and the seemingly never-ending hazards faced by those who manned the ships. Nearly and concisely, de Kay chronicles life in the nation’s early navy, with its special rules, varied duties, and strange language. He provides an especially fascinating look at the Navy’s swaggering officers and their combustible sense of honor. This is good history that will be enjoyed by all who are interested in the early United States and its struggle to survive and be truly independent.” -John E. Ferling, author of A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic

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