Once Upon A Quoketaug


Once Upon a Quoketaug: The Biography of a Connecticut Farm Family 1712-1960 by Rudy J. Favretti

Once Upon a Quoketaug is the history of a hilltop farm in Stonington, Connecticut and the Williamses, who settled and farmed there for nearly 250 years. The farm and the family are affectionately recalled by Professor Favretti, who worked there as a teenager, later going on to become a distinguished professor of landscape architecture. Passing the stone post at Quoketaug as a youth, he writes, meant he traveled in time and “could assume the role of an early nineteenth-century farmer.” Trimming lamp wicks, paring cheese as it cured, drying onions on the attic floor – these are among practices he describes, adroitly combining intimate recollections and scholarship in a unique chronicle.

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