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The Stonington Lighthouse Museum

Built in 1840, this rugged stone building was acquired in 1925 by the Stonington Historical Society. Visit and explore the grounds and exhibits, then climb the winding stairs to the tower and enjoy panoramic Atlantic Ocean views.

Open daily, except for Wednesdays, 10:00-5:00.
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The Captain Palmer House Museum

Built in 1852 by brothers Nat and Alex Palmer, this 16 room Victorian mansion will transport you back to the age of sail. After you visit the museum, and climb up to the cupola, enjoy a stroll around the grounds and waterside gardens.

The R.W. Woolworth Library

Open to the public, this is the modern research facility and archive of the Stonington Historical Society’s collection over a century in the making. Explore a wide variety of books, letters, photographs, records and objects with stories to tell.